Do mothballs and ammonia help repel bats?

Salt Lake City bats generally want to hide and rest in safe and protected areas. Most bats that hide inside our buildings love the attic areas, walls vents and even spacious cracks. When the bats invade your building, they are mostly females who live in colonies and are looking for nesting places for their young ones. Bat infestation inside your building leaves you wondering on which remedy to use to eliminate them completely. Most people will try out anything that they think will work out for them. Mothballs and ammonia are some of the substances that most people have used in bat elimination without success because they are just myths that can cost your budget.

It is natural to use any substance or chemical suggested to you to help in the elimination of Salt Lake City bats in your building. Most people will advise you to try out on the mothballs and ammonia in repelling the bats but these substances are poisonous and do not work either way. Mothballs are specifically used to eliminate bugs as they contain chemicals designed for that purpose. Ammonia on the other hand when used properly is designed as a cleaning agent but prolonged exposure to the fumes can result in eye, nose and throat irritation making it unsuitable for bat elimination.

In addition, too much exposure to ammonia gas can result in severe irritation of the respiratory tract which can further damage your lungs resulting in death. You definitely don’t want to expose yourself or your family members to such toxic substances. Always seek professional help from the pest and animal control department to help you out. The bat noises and movement can be so perturbing but do not harm yourself or any family member without seeking professional help as the mothballs and ammonia will not repel the bats.

When searching on the internet about pest and wild animal repellents, most options available suggest the use of mothballs. The belief that mothball can work for particular Utah mammals does not imply they work on all mammals. Bats will not be repelled away simply because you put a mothball in their nesting area. Whether you are contemplating to use a mothball or ammonia to repel the bats, the fact remains that these repellents don’t work on bats. They are manufactured for other purposes other than bat repulsion.

The most important point to remember is keeping bats away from your home or prevent them from coming back. In addition you can also perform bat prevention in general before the problem arises. This can be achieved by sealing all the entry areas that the bats can use to access your building. Moreover, if the bats have already accessed your building, killing them will not be the solution as most are pups that purely depend on their mothers for food. When they are able to fly out, this is the best time to seal the entry areas to prevent them from coming back. Understand that there is no bat repellent or even deterrent which is effective in existence today.

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