Will Rats Hurt You?

The Utah rats will not simply annoy you. They are responsible for the irreversible damages in your house. You will also be surprised that it has the power to hurt you in numerous ways. While it may look small and vulnerable, you should not underestimate the threat of rat infestation. In case you want to avoid the worst outcome of rat problem, you should call the help of the experts to get rid of these creatures.

How Can Salt Lake City Rats Hurt You
Understand that the possible outcome listed below are not for the weak hearts. This can give you sleepless nights and can lead to anxiety. However, do not worry since we will also enumerate some tips that will help you prevent this from occurring.

Rats Can Possibly Burn Your House Down
Salt Lake City rats love to chew our electrical wires. Apart from this, they can also pierce lead pipes and bricks with their strong incisors. You are perhaps wondering why these creatures are chewing our wire insulations. The incisors of the teeth will grow incessantly. In order to manage the growth of their teeth, they will need to gnaw or chew tough materials. The rats prefer to stay in our attic due to the warm air that permeates this area. Once they stay here, they can attack the wires that are connected close to the wooden materials. An exposed wire will not only lead to accidental electrocution, it is also the main cause of fire. Electrical fires can also happen if they chew the wires and cables of our appliances. They can also create punctured holes in our gas pipes that can also result to fire.

Structural Damages
Rats will chew just about anything found in your house. This can lead to dangerous and expensive structural damage. According to the reports last 2000, the economic damages caused by rats amounted to a whopping $19 billion. Rats can chew the wood frame of your house such as your roof trusses, studs, headers, and floor joists. They will be chewing drywall, soft concrete and sheetrock. Rats will be destroying any places of your house that they can access. Once the wooden beams weaken and collapse, this can definitely hurt you.

Apart from the harm mentioned above, rats are notorious for carrying diseases. One of the most common illnesses that can be transmitted to humans would be rat bite fever. If you have acquired a severe type of this disease, this can progress to brain, lung, and heart infection. They are also possible carrier of Leptospirosis and typhus. You can also inhale a contaminated dust and acquire hantavirus. This will produce symptoms similar with the flu virus. Understand that it can be lethal if you failed to give it with proper treatment.

While some people will consider these as extreme cases, they can still happen. Fortunately, you can also prevent this from happening. You can seal holes in your house with the right materials to guarantee that they will remain out of your property.

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