Is it legal for me to trap a skunk?

Wildlife laws differ around the globe, in different regions, states and districts. It is your responsibility to research your local laws before you attempt to trap a skunk. For instance, some countries may have a wildlife season where it is allowed to hunt animals only during this season. Trapping an animal is considered as hunting for it. In some areas, you may need to ask permission to trap the skunk while in other areas, it is allowed, no matter the season. Your local wildlife authority would be more versed in these matters and may even assist with helping you to capture and remove it. Some places may even deem keeping a skunk as a pet, illegal.

Utah skunks are carriers of the rabies virus and even if they are inoculated using the vaccine used for dogs, it still does not guarantee that it would work successfully. Even if a skunk is dead, the chances of contracting the rabies virus are still high since it can be transferred through blood, tissue and saliva. They are also carriers of many other diseases and parasites that can be deadly or cause serious harm to health for both humans and other animals. They tend to dig up gardens in search of food such as beetles and larvae, worms and other insects, creating a major nuisance.

When provoked, angry or scared, Salt Lake City skunks spray their opponents with an oily liquid thank gives off a foul stench. Because of its texture, the liquid is very tough to remove, and the scent can last for weeks and even months if it is not immediately removed. It can penetrate fur, skin, clothing and even into your yard. It is worse if the animal dies on your premises because this stench can last for years. If you notice a skunk in your yard, you should try to find ways of making it leave, if trapping is illegal in your area.

If trapping is legal, there are still some concerns on when you should not trap a Salt Lake City animal, and this would be if the skunk has offspring. If you notice the skunk in your yard, you may want to follow it at a distance or listen for young ones. Skunks usually mate in February or March with a gestation period of 6 days. April and May are the periods when they would give birth to a litter of 4 to 7 babies. Separating the mother from her young ones can cause them to starve to death which is very inhume.

Bad weather conditions are also a period when you should not trap an animal. During periods of poor weather conditions, animals tend to expend the energy they would need to use during the winter conditions. If they use their energy when you trap it and release it during periods of bad weather conditions, chances are that they may soon die. Should you happen to trap the animal in these conditions, you should not intentional release it back into the wild.

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